Vet's joint mission: growing 58 marijuana plants


Guardsman hauls one of 19,000 plants seized during Operation Hoosier Thunder in 2010. (Photo: Sgt. Lorne Neff, Indiana National Guard)

Soldiers may joke about getting out of the Army and becoming potheads.  But one veteran took it to a whole new level.

Edwin Struve, a former doctor, recently told a New Jersey judge he began a habit of puffing on as many as 30 joints a day after he was discharged from the Army in 1968, The Associated Press reports.

Struve also told a judge he had 58 marijuana plants in his New Jersey home that he’s been cultivating for decades.

Now officials are pushing for the judge to place Struve under supervised probation and enroll him in mental health program that uses therapy, counseling and medication to treat some psychiatric problems behind crimes.

Struve and his lawyer said the drug was used to allay the effects of glaucoma and mild brain damage, the Daily Record of Parsippany reports.

[via The Associated Press, Daily Record of Parsippany]

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  1. Shawn Binger on

    The article doesn’t mention him committing a crime outside of smoking or growing weed, why should I care about this then?

  2. Martin Jameson on

    I don’t understand sending him to treatment, he has been treating himself for some time now. The point is he doesn’t want the drugs Big PhRMA and other docs have to offer. They either dont work, are dangerous, or both.

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