West Point women inducted into Army Women Hall of Fame



Inspirational profile of Lt. Col. Sylvia Moran, West Point Class of 1980, in the Washington Post today.

The only female member of the class still on active duty, Moran is the executive officer to the director of the Army Staff, Lt. Gen. William Troy.

A military intelligence specialist, her career has taken her from 82nd Airborne platoon leader to special adviser to then-Vice President Cheney.

As Pentagon prepares to consider the role of women in combat, Moran was inducted into the Army Women Hall of Fame with her class at a luncheon this week hosted by the U.S. Army Women’s Foundation in a sparkling ballroom on Capitol Hill.

As a teenager at West Point, and one of the first women to attend the academy, she was ridiculed by classmates. She would lie in her bunk at night, dream of quitting, then wake up in the morning and go on.


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