Federal court rules Stolen Valor Act unconstitutional


It’s OK to lie again.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal upheld a free speech ruling that struck down the 2005 Stolen Valor Act and vacates the sentence against a phony Marine.

Upholding the law would have had far-reaching implications for the government’s power to regulate speech, Chief Judge Alex Kozinski wrote.

“Phrases such as ‘I’m working late tonight, hunny,’ ‘I got stuck in traffic’ and ‘I didn’t inhale’ could all be made into crimes,” Kozinski wrote.

Expect the fakers to go to town. Expect the community spadework to ferret them out.

(via AP)




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  1. No surprise that Judge Kozinski authored this opinion. He needs to keep to his computer porn and figure out why he gets no respect. Probably has a uniform with the Silver Star he wears around the Tenderloin district.

  2. All I can say is “Wow!” What are we doing to our country? I have witnessed this firsthand, and it is pretty disgusting.

  3. I think we should all go around saying that we are Supreme Court justices now. Who not? It’s free speech.

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