Blotto, meet blotter. Provost wants drug officers informed


The Army wants to make it tougher for drug and alcohol abusers to hide from treatment.

The Army’s top cop has ordered installation provost marshals provide “daily extracts” of the military police blotter to their drug and alcohol control officer.

“Drug and alcohol abuse is a significant health problem in the Army,” the March 11 Army-wide message notes. “The Army has the highest rate of acute alcohol diagnosis and substance abuse clinic treatment … within the Department of Defense.”

Drugs or alcohol were involved with nearly 30 percent of the service’s suicides from 2003 to 2009 and more than 45 percent of “non-fatal suicide behavior” from 2005 to 2009, it states.

The control officers were established under the Army’s substance abuse program, launched in 2009. That’s the installation’s guy or gal who monitors drug testing and referrals to treatment.

Passing blotters to these folks is spelled somewhere out in the 165-page policy (pdf). Could be it’s a fine point that needed sharper amplification.


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