Program offers glimpse of Private Manning's "private life"



Could the global turmoil sparked by Wikileaks have started started with a son’s anger for his father?

The PBS program Frontline, has been investigating “how the private life of Bradley Manning would lead to a very public international scandal,” correspondent Martin Smith told NPR in a segment this morning.

The Private Life of Bradley Manning,” an hour-long documentary airing tonight, features Manning’s father’s first media appearance. It explores Manning’s upbringing in Oklahoma and strained relationship with his father, possibly over Manning’s sexuality, and Manning’s decision to join the Army at his father’s suggestion.

Manning exhibited a strong temper outside the Army, chafing against his father’s authority at home. And he acted out in the Army as well, hitting a fellow soldier, throwing chairs, yelling at superiors, according to the documentary.

Somehow, the Army let him hold onto his top secret security clearance.

Comments from an instant message handle attributed to Manning, “bradass87,” suggest the decision to leak classified documents occurred, “because he was outraged, he did it out of a sense that people should know what’s going on, and that the government shouldn’t be able to hide some of this information from the public.”

But a glimpse into Manning’s troubled teenage years begs the question: Could the damaging leak of a half-million sensitive documents been Manning lashing out at his father, embodied by the military his father pushed him to join?


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