"Front Lines" helps vets on the home front tell their stories


The Front Lines strives to provide an easy-to-use portal for veterans of all ages and their families to tell their stories in text, images and video. But that is just the first stage of creator Nathan Tierney’s ambitious vision for the site.

A chief warrant officer 3 on active duty, Tierney said he plans to make the site a one-stop shop for essential veterans resources within the coming weeks. He also envisions it as a place for social networking among veterans and the public.

Tierney, 36, of Nashville, Tenn., works the site on his own and has funded it largely with his own money–though it has a sales partnership with Amazon.com. On a given day, he might help the widow of a World War II pilot tell her husband’s story on the site or guide a student toward PTSD research.

The idea came to him while he was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for treatment when he saw a dual-amputee soldier struggling to put on a backpack by himself. Tierney assisted and took time to listen to the soldier’s story.

For Tierney, who said “there’s a national deficit of selfless service,” the site was a way for him to give back to veterans like the one he saw that day at Walter Reed.


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