Four-star slays 'em with Sinatra… again!


Photo courtesy of British Embassy

When it comes to charm offensives, “New York, New York” may well become the best-known weapon in the Army chief of staff’s arsenal.

At a reception at the British embassy in honor the U.S.O. and British Forces Foundation, Gen. Martin Dempsey sang the first few bars of Frank Sinatra’s signature ballad, an Army spokesperson confirmed,  wowing honored wounded warriors, Prince Charles and Gen. Norton Schwartz, the Air Force’s chief.

Dempsey did not belabor the point, and quickly got to the matter at hand, praising the strong ties between the two groups.

In his previous job as Training and Doctrine commander, Dempsey’s winning rendition of the song showed up on YouTube, became a modest viral sensation and earned the public praise of Secretary of the Army John McHugh–not to mention a blog post here.

Not to be outdone, Prince Charles let down his heir and recited a few lines from the comic opera The Pirates of Penzance.

We weren’t there, but the prince must have used the occasion to  notice that Dempsey, versed in all things vegetable, animal and musical, was the very model of a modern major general.

[via Daily Mail]


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  1. Sir-Seriously? You’re embarrassing yourself. The key to being good at something is not belaboring it at every opportunity. Watch “The Office”-the episode where Michael schedules his b-day party at the ice rink. Watch and learn how pathetic it is to have to toot your own horn…

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