Colonel sues wife over teens' violent deaths


Julie Powers Schenecker, led a by Tampa police after her arrest there in January. (AP Photo/The Tampa Tribune, Samara Sodos)

An Army colonel in Tampa, Fla., whose wife is accused of gunning down the couple’s teenage children is suing his wife to keep from paying for her defense.

Col. Parker Schenecker has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his wife Julie Schenecker, which follows divorce filings.

“I’m standing up for my kids,” he told the St. Petersburg Times. “I’m making their voices heard. Otherwise, I couldn’t be the dad they knew.”

The children, Beau, 13, and daughter Calyx, 16, were found on Jan. 28, each shot twice. She allegedly confessed to police that she killed the teens for being “mouthy.”

The colonel, an Army intelligence officer stationed at the headquarters of U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, was in Qatar at the time. He is set to leave the Army next month.

Schenecker told the St. Petersburg Times that since his divorce filing, his wife wanted $40,000 for a lawyer, $10,000 for a forensic accountant, alimony, health insurance, and her diamond engagement ring.

“I was incredulous,” he said.

In the interview, Schenecker discusses his wife’s history of bipolar disorder and his unthinkable grief through a “cool, professional demeanor” that cracked when he spoke of fatherhood.

“My loss is total,” he said.


[via St. Petersburg Times]

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  1. Tricky Dick on

    Col. Schenecker is obviously insane. Instead of pulling together with his mentally ill wife (his own words) of over 20 years, he instead acts like a hypersensitive 3rd party to an insurance claim. The man should be branded a spineless coward and thrown out of the Army.

  2. Tricky… Love the sarcasm. That was sarcasm… right? I hope it was. Please tell me it was. You’ve got issues.

  3. I support the Col’s decision to divorce his evil and mentally ill wife. She took the innocent lives of those 2 children for no reason. Instead, she should have just taken her own life! Good luck Col! Hope they courts decide in your favor!

  4. I have dumped wives for serving a cold dinner. Kill both my kids and I would have sliced her up like a Thanksgiving Day turkey. Tricky dick you are a dick..

  5. If his wife wanted “$40,000 for a lawyer, $10,000 for a forensic accountant, alimony, health insurance, and her diamond engagement ring” she must not be that ill. I hope he wins this because he has lost enough! @ tricky – you’ve got to be kidding right?? If not I completely agree with Sean

  6. I don’t understand why she just pleads out for life in prison and save the taxpayers and parties involved alot of money. She was aware of her mental disease,which is treatable, and she married a military man. There are plenty of options to get help and support. She chose her destiny and she needs to step to the plate and acknowledge it.

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