Visit to US by Chinese military may thaw frosty relationship



Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army


Chinese military and Pentagon officials are meeting this week, the first talks of this kind in seven years.

As Gen. Chen Bingde meets his U.S. counterpart, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen, they are expected to try to mend a gulf between them the Associated Press likened to the Grand Canyon.

Chen is due to visit Fort Stewart, Ga., and the U.S. Army’s National Training Center, and other military installations, a move seen as a good-will gesture. He will also deliver a a speech on the new-type military-to-military relations between the two nations at the U.S. National Defense University, Xinhua reports.

Abe Denmark, an Asia security analyst and former head of the Pentagon’s China desk, told Voice of America that China wants to communicate that its military relationship with the U.S. is strong and that it has peaceful intentions.

Amid the face-to-face talks, there are some in Congress who would like to go behind the Red giant’s back.

As compiled by DoDBuzz’s Phil Ewing, Virginia Rep. Randy Forbes, the Republican chair of the HASC’s readiness committee added a requirement for several new studies and reports on China, because he argues Americans need to begin watching China as closely as the Chinese watch the U.S.

“For decades, the Chinese government and military have meticulously studied the manner in which the United States plans, strategizes, and thinks,” Forbes, the chair of the House Armed Services Committee’s readiness subcommittee said in an announcement. “Unfortunately, the United States has been slow to meet that same threshold of strategic analysis when it comes to the People’s Republic of China. However, this legislation makes progress in transforming Congress’ approach to the growing military threat of China in the Western Pacific by calling for closer, more consistent scrutiny of China’s rapid military growth by the Department of Defense.”


[via APUPI, VoA, Xinhua]

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