Viral video forces Delta to change bag policy for troops



Two Reservists coming home from Afghanistan complained on YouTube that Delta charged their unit more than $2,800 in excess baggage fees. More than 200,000 views later, Delta has apologized and changed its policy to allow soldiers to travel with a fourth bag for free.

The two soldiers, Staff Sgts. Fred Hilliker and Robert O’Hair, have become overnight Internet celebrities. Hilliker and O’Hair are deployed with the 95th Infantry Division, a Reserve unit in Georgia. They say in the video that they were ultimately bound for Fort Polk, La.



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  1. Okay, we all know that they will be reimbursed on the end. Bad on the military for not researching their orders properly, bad on Delta for not waiting to take it up w/ DoD rather than individual Soldiers. However, this thing about whining to the press or youtube every time soldiers don’t get what they “think” they deserve is going to be the death of the military. We’ve built this sense of entitlement up so much in young troops that it’s no wonder the DoD budget is out of control

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