DSOY contestants — Staff Sgt. Frailey


Outside the Wire will feature profiles (in alphabetical order) of the six Drill Sergeant of the Year contenders this week. The competitors, which include four active-duty soldiers and two reservists, will be evaluated as they tackle 50 physically and emotionally challenging events. The winners will be announced Friday.

Staff Sgt. Felicia Frailey is Fort Sill’s Drill Sergeant of the Year – and the first female to hold that title. The Altus, Okla., native joined the Army in 2004.

“It is an honor and a privilege to represent my post,” she said. “And being here with drill sergeants of the year that come from different posts, [military occupational specialties]and backgrounds, we really have a lot to learn from each other.”

The former distinguished honor graduate from the Warrior Leader Course said her strengths include physical training, boards and modules. Her weak link is in warrior tasks and battle drill.

Frailey, a two-time Iraq veteran, also has served at Fort Hood, Texas.


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  1. Christine Grier on

    That is my niece! Her mother and grandmother are with her in spirit. That’s where she gets her strength and determination from. I am so proud of her:)

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