Obama flubs at 10th Mountain meet-and-greet [UPDATE]



As President Obama addressed troops at a Fort Drum, N.Y., DFAC, he reminisced about how as a senator and as president, in Iraq and Afghanistan, “I’ve always run into you guys.  And for some reason it’s always in some rough spots.”

“I had the great honor of seeing some of you because a comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously,” Obama said, according to the White House official transcript.

Except that Monti was receiving it posthumously. At a White House ceremony in 2009, Obama presented Sgt. 1st Class Monti’s parents with the medal for his heroic actions in Afghanistan. Monti, 30, was leading a scouting mission along the Pakistan border when a resupply helicopter blew the unit’s cover; Monti twice ran into gunfire to retrieve a wounded comrade before he was killed by an enemy grenade.

Obama appeared to have confused Monti with the only living Medal of Honor recipient, Sal Giunta. The president’s got plenty on his plate, to be sure. But if he’s sincere when he says that it’s his greatest honor to be the commander-in-chief, you’d think he’d be able to remember the lone recipient of the military’s highest honor.


The Christian Broadcasting Network contacted the White House to see what happened and was told the President didn’t have prepared remarks. They quoted White House Press Secretary Jay Carney as saying, “At Fort Drum, the President misspoke when discussing the first Medal of Honor he presented posthumously to Jared Monti, who was a member of the 10th Mountain Division.  The President paid tribute to Monti in his remarks to troops in Afghanistan in March 2010.  Last year, the President presented the Medal of Honor to Salvatore Giunta, who was the first living recipient of the Medal who served in Afghanistan.”


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  1. Michael Burkert on

    What an ASS we have for CINC. He’s an embarrassment to our nation. The sooner this Liberal Socialist fool is out of office the better. That BO would insult the brave soldiers of our only elite Mountain Division, but forgetting that SFC Jared Monti gave his live for our nation is unforgibable. As a combat veteran of the Iraq war, I DESPISE Obama. I know few soldiers, even Black soldiers that have any use for this idiot.


  3. Obama sees those who die for America’s right to freedom and security as trivial and unworthy of his elitist liberal sentiments. He doesn’t much less care what the Medal of Honor stands for, let alone who actually it is awarded to. He is a disgrace to the memory of warriors like Monti and to Giunta. Why would you think a man such as Obama, who, for his entire life, has railed against the U.S. Constitution and those upon whom we rely to protect its sovereignty. Obama hates vintage American heritage and those who pay the blood-ransom required for peace and liberty. Let’s hope Obama’s unwanted presence as CIC is over soon.

  4. Ms Shoshona Perelman on

    I would expect nothing more from an arrogant, strutting popinjay who cynically uses our heroic troops & veterans as pawns for his re-election. Other than that, he has no use for our military.

    To be honest, the braying jackass is ALWAYS in campaign mode. He is clueless on how to truly lead and is tone deaf on what resonates with & matters most to most Americans, including our troops & veterans!

  5. No one should accept ANYTHING that Obama says as anything other than the way it was intended… to make Obama sound and appear competent.

    Truth, lie, error, distortion, fantasy. Promise made, promise broken, promise forgotten. All the same.

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  7. Quit yellin’ at the Prez. Since Coolidge, all the American prezzes have been hacks. And as far as MOH is concerned, I think largely a matter of political convenience since and including Vietnam.

  8. Wayne In Akron on

    It was such a “great honor” that Obama couldn’t even remember the name of the fallen soldier whose parents were presented the Medal of Honor on behalf of their son.

  9. FISH and CHIPS on

    If George W. Bush had known the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite before it was explained to him in 2003, we’d have fewer Montis and Giuntas to mix up today.

    Not that this isn’t a pathetic screwup by Obama and his staff, but… “socialist”? “Elitist”? “Campaign mode”? Golly, call me a crazy cynic but somehow I don’t think this mistake has affected your views on Obama in the slightest.

    Here’s a 2009 article from the Army Times about Medals of Honor and the behind-the-scenes politics of who gets them and who doesn’t. You might be surprised who the officer corps thought “doesn’t much less care what the Medal of Honor stands for,” and why!


  10. He seems to mess these speeches up a lot… There is a reason why… he doesn’t care enough to get it right… He only does these things because someone is telling him he has to… He’d much rather be playing golf than paying tribute to anyone who wears the uniform. He has no concept of the military nor does he care too. He has been taught and he sees them as a symbol of oppression in the world… He doesn’t even understand that without them, he would have never been able to become President.

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  12. There are actually TWO living recipients of the Medal of Honor. It was just announced a Ranger will receive it. Neither of which are from 10th MTN.

    It was “brief stop on his way to NYC”. He met with 150 Soldiers, most of which haven’t deployed because they are new out of basic / AIT and 50 family members. Kind of sad in a Division with 20,000 Soldiers (of which only 10,000 is deployed) and 15,000 family members.

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  14. These wars are so stupid. You should be mocking him for keeping us tied up in these ill-guided escapades instead of remembering someone the rest of the country has forgotten about.

  15. If the MSM dwelled on the gaffes this man has made, (57 states)…
    (Marine Corpse)…Quayle and “W” would look like articulate geniuses.

  16. If he’d only had a teleprompter this could have all been avoided. I think it’s time he had one with him at every event.

    Oh and if GWB or Palin had said this, the mainstream media would be non-stop that they are the dumbest of the dumb.

  17. Ret SMSgt USAF on

    We need to have all military members and their families to BRAVELY and verbally oppose Obama when ever they are on camera.

    The Obama cameras are using you, It is time brave soldiers use the camera against Obama.

    So far, I’ve only seen a handful of truly brave soldiers oppose Obama. Many got their careers destroyed by doing so, that is what happens when good people serve under a Marxist.

    And the Cindy Sheehan hippies come out from under their rocks only when a Republican is in office.

    Tell the President that the military isn’t a there to fight the wars for the Globalist Elite Mega Corporation that invented these wars, to protect their assets.

    Each single death is an end of an entire universe.
    Yet, Obama treats each of you as if you had a total lifetime value of $3.50.

    How Obama can slaughter millions and still receive Peace Prizes is beyond sanity. Must be a Zion thing.

  18. This is what happens when a man who has no respect for the military uses Soldiers as props. He doesn’t understand us, he doesn’t respect us, and we’re all interchangeable in his eyes.

    Does anyone picture President Obama when he leaves office (hopefully in JAN 2013) standing at the USO Terminal at DFW greeting returning Soldiers like “W” regularly does?

  19. Brilliant, Genius but most of all, a clueless moron.This guy is a embarrassment to the WH .and this country as a whole.

  20. Paul Thompson on

    There isn’t one document expert that will say that his BC is legit.

    He’s all about image but nothing but a hacker.

    I remember to honor those that sacrificed for us.

  21. These wars for oil are immoral and destroying the country. Obama is using our young men and women as meat.


    I wonder if they gave the medal of honor to the cold-blooded killers of Pat Tillman?

  22. I wonder why he didn’t appauled the DADT measure to the troops. That’s greats news that he should be announcing. He’s also in nyc doing a gay gala.

  23. Unbelievable. This is what we get when people mistake a Presidential election for an American Idol competition. It is so obvious that he does not care for the military one bit. He even said as much when looked at a bunch of troops and referred to them as a “great photo-op.” I bet he would have no problems remembering names of unemployed people that he helps support with his ridiculous spending on social programs. They are the idiots that go and vote for the fool.

  24. The stop to see the troops was planned so he could use tax payer dollars to travel to his fundraisers there. How disgraceful. This liar sees no value in the troops or the American military’s goals.
    Is it 2012 yet. PLEASE let’s vote this inexperienced self-gloating Chicago thug out of office!

  25. Our Commander-in-Chief is just a clueless empty suit with a teleprompter. This is not the first time for a military gaffe like this from him which shows his almost complete lack of comprehension of our military. How about his “Navy Corpseman” slip. Hey, “Corpsman” on a teleprompter can easily be mispronounced “Corpseman” if you haven’t a clue about anything military…

  26. BO didn’t have prepared remarks, aka, wasn’t travelling with six teleprompters. Get this socialist jack wagon out of office and elect someone who values our military and Constitition. I’m watching the John Adams (HBO) DVDs. Now there were some statesmen and patriots to be proud of.

  27. Thats right, you all sit there and knock him down. Lets see, he is running the country, worrying about this and that, he gets a fact wrong and thats all you pick up on. like to see you do better!

  28. This POS has spouted so much BS his whole life that without the faithful teleprompter he shows his ignorance every time.

  29. I know the Pres is a busy man with many duties and pressures we can never really know, but as a combat veteran I KNOW I would not forget meeting a CMH recipient. In fact I have met a few and I recall each and every one of them. Had I been fortunate enough to present the CMH to a living recipient I would certainly remember who that person was. The President is an embarrassment to our military and dishonors those who serve when he cannot recollect these great men and whether they are living or dead. Especially since HE PRESENTED the CMH to them or their families. NO EXCUSE for this Pres Obama, NONE. Commander in Chief my fat hairy elbow.

  30. President zer0……..

    When y0u don’t have time to get it right………


  31. Darrel USAF (ret) on

    Without his crutch of the teleprompter, Obama is a fumbling bumbling fool. Go ask the “corpse man” Obama, you pandering fool.

  32. This clown in chief is just using our troops for his personal gain. He doesn’t give a rat’s azz about them.

  33. Of all things to possibly screw up, this is the one he should have gotten right. If it is really your “greatest honor”, you would know and not mess it up. It makes me wonder if Obama has any real thoughts or cares about anything?

  34. The ego and self-absorption here is staggering…someone should tell this buffoon that it isn’t the president that “awards” the MOH. The president presents it on behalf of Congress and the American people.

    Remember …”Corpseman…”?

  35. If this had been Bush or Palin, the media would be ripping them to shreds. But for Obama, he just “misspoke.”

  36. If Obama says that someone is alive, shouldn’t they arise from the dead? After all, isn’t that what messiahs do??

  37. The so called president can’t pay attention long enough to get things straight. He’s either on his way to another country to apologize and give them money or a golf outing.

    This is what happens when you have a cardboard cutout President.

  38. “Last year, the President presented the Medal of Honor to Salvatore Giunta, who was the first living recipient of the Medal who served in Afghanistan.”

    Wow. I know if I met and awarded the MoH to someone, I would never forget that moment. I didn’t forget the Silver Star awardee I honored to meet last fall. A TRUE AMERICAN does not forget.

  39. Miami's Juan of Many on

    This story would be funny and another example of how Obama without a teleprompter make George W. look like a Shakespearean scholar. However, the sad part is that it highlights the total lack of interest and respect Obama has for our military.


    Easy – ‘cause you didn’t care enough to remember the occasion.

  40. Obamayomama has to be the worst President we have ever had. This arrogant non caring ass has never served in the military and has never told a truth to date. This idiot is all about himself. Oh I must be a racist . Cause I be tellin dee trute !

  41. He is even An embarrassment to the Democrates, Harry, Nancy, Joe and the rest of us America. Our nation needs him removed for office.


  42. It’s proof the man is an empty vessel and he absolutely must never leave home without his two teleprompters when he will be speaking about anything. Let’s see what Oblama has to say when he returns from visiting 57 states with one more to visit. ONE AND DONE America!

  43. Ornley Gumfudgen on

    Anythang this buffoon says is solely done fer political spin an fer no other reason at all.

    He’s a parasite suckin th blood out of our nation an will move on when he’s either picked off or he ends up killin th host.

    He remember thangs that didn’t happen or happened ta someone else somewhair’s else an th ignorant liberal socialistic parasites also suckin th life blood out of our nations eat it up like kittens hangin around th milk barn hopin ta get a taste of th milk th farmer is workin hard ta get ta feed his family.

    Time ta cut our losses an get this pathetic POTUS out of our lives so we can get about healin our nation instead of draggin it down an killin it. That happens very soon in th next election an I hope all of ya make a better decision than ya apparently did th last time where he was put inta power.

  44. skyburner359 on

    I’m sorry to say that this president wouldn’t know military tradtion or protocol if it punched him in the nose.

    I respect the office but I will not lie and say I respect the man. Mainly because I know he has no respect for those of us in uniform or who have served in uniform.

  45. Obama is an inexperienced, inept sorry excuse for President. Hehas “Flubbed” so many topics, and even with the help of a tele-prompter, he still screws up. The main problem is that this man does not have the infromation in his head, only what he is told to read, which he promptly forgets. Sarah Palin was called inexperience by the Liberal media.. Reallly..? This proves that the wrong person was sent to the White House, God help us all…

  46. OMG!!!! The level of hatred and bigotry I am reading at this fascist militaristic site is nothing less than astonishing. Obama is doing the best he can for the American people. In a short 2 and one/half years, he did much more than that texass rodeo clown ever did during his 8 year national pillaging campaign. The world shall come to Obama’s way of thinking and we shall have peace. Shrub did so much damage to our image and economy, Obama needs not only a second term but the right to serve beyond. The Constitution should be amended to allow the extended service of such stellar leaders as Barack Obama. And to all of you out there who serve in the military and are critical of and ungrateful toward your legally elected commander-in-chief, you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!! It should be an honor to serve under such a brilliant tactician. After all, it was Obama who got Osama. Not Shrub!

  47. This man has destroyed the morale in the military. When I was in the Army my President was Ronald Reagan. We all knew what kind of a great man he was. He wasn’t a pussy . He told other countries to shove it up their ass if they were not treating us right. Unfortuantely we have a man that hates the Military and loves himself more than his own country.

  48. Truthmonster on

    You gotta love this guy!! Him and Biden are the best comedy team since Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. You could make a movie on their gaffes. LMAO. Obama makes George Bush look like Albert Einstein.

  49. bo- is ALWAYS CONFUSED, LOST and NEVER in TOUCH with the American People. He had no program to help the US- when he arrived inside the beltway, He has NO PROGRAM of help for the US – NOW- Nor will he have any program to help the US when he is finally booted out of DC. It seems HIS- PRIME OBJECTIVE – is to Give AID, Sustenance – and the take over of The USA- by the Muslim nations. He has gotta go- the sooner the better – for all of us.

  50. Obama couldn’t care less about our Military men and women. He’s a blatant narcissist hell bent on personal power and wealth.

  51. The problem is his unique position in history and the current state of identity politics coats President Obama with Teflon. It is a sad state, and probably no one is sadder than he. Imagine discovering late in life that all the praise heaped on your over the years has in fact prepared you little to deal with life in the concrete.

    Let’s not exaggerate how poorly he has done so as not to inflame a backlash that puts him back into office. Let’s just say, “Ok, we tried that way, and it was an interesting result but we prefer this way now.” Then let’s get someone who understands human nature (as it is, not as we would want it to be) and who has executive experience into office. It’s a strong country and as New Jersey and Wisconsin prove, it is waking up to reality.

  52. Obama is such a phony, a facade since day one, and so out of touch it is sad. As a Vet myself, I find it hard to believe he’s CIC… phhtttt.

  53. Obama would never make the same mistake describing his NCAA predictions.

    And that’s the only thing you need to know about this man.

  54. Well, at least he didn’t hand out a package of DVDs, or give an Ipod with his speeches on it. He only saves those for important dignitaries.

    As stated before me, he simply doesn’t care enough to get things right, unless it’s all about him. It’s that simple.

    Read his statement: It’s all about “I” did this, and “I” did that. A pathetic POTUS.

    I don’t know much about the MOH, but I do understand it is not a thing that is “won” per Obama’s view. He seems to see it as a parting prize that he gets to dole out with glee in his face. Who does that? What kind of person?

  55. Truth is NOT in Obama’s being. he flips & he flops. HE can not even count on what he says! He changes like a cameleon to suit his own purposes! He is one of the most narccistic presidents we have EVER had! he takes the cake!!!

  56. Obama can’t even pronounce corpsman correctly. Oh, but he’ll make sure that he pronounces ‘Tallybon’ or ‘Pock e stawn’ so carefully as not to offend the arab street.

    Even after the Ft Hood shooting, Obama was jovial and giving ‘shout outs’ he couldn’t even tell the difference medal of honor and the medal of freedom.

    The moral of the story is Obama is just a teleprompter reading goon and all his emotionals he’s supposedly feeling that day are written for him on that teleprompter, don’t expect them to be real.

  57. Obama, brilliant, really brillant. You think?
    Along with ’57 states”
    and the army “corpse of engineers” and “happy to be in Iowa”
    when in Ottawa, Canada.

  58. People are finally understanding that Mr Obama is culturally and Constitutionally incompatible with American values. You all better pick up on that fact before we become the USSA-United States of Socialist America.

  59. Obama’s a brainwashed puppet for the New World Order. He can’t function without his teleprompter. Like Bush he serves the NWO. When is American military going to wake up? They’ve been had by politicians, their own CFR compromised generals, and the media who plays the game. When are you going to get tired of fighting and dying for the lies of the New World Order? With all due respect your not helping America or liberty by fighting and dying for Israel. If the Israeli Zionists want to steal land and make the muslims enemies – then let them fight their own wars. 9/11 was a ruse to get us to fight their fight.

  60. John Svengali on

    This is inexcusable coming from a commander-in-chief. If a president speaks in reference to Medal of Honor recipients, he should show the respect, sincerity and commitment to accuracy that these honored souls deserve. He is too casual and glib. Without “prepared remarks,” he is a dummy.

    Obama famously said we have 57 states and signed the U.K. guest book, dating it 2008 in 2011. He has a long list of stupid, uninformed, tactless and un-presidential remarks. President G.W. Bush could never get the passes this fraud has received. The press is complicit in minimizing awareness of his stupidity.

    Americans were hoodwinked in 2008. He may have misspoken, but many Americans “mis-voted.”

  61. Does not surprise me at all. I hope the voting public will finally see this dolt for what he is. I wasn’t a big fan of GWB but he never mucked it up when honoring our military. GWB was a sincere CINC when talking to the troops. BO despises the military and only uses them as a campaign platform. SICK!!

  62. J3_annapolis on

    The ONLY way a CINC makes a gaff of this proportion is due to an abject indifference to the military. Obama doesn’t deserve to stand in the shadow of the most junior Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine.

  63. dana beausoleil on

    The CinC was speaking NOT from prepared remarks. With all he has to attend to…you know, running the most powerful nation in the world during 3 wars… We should applaud that his memory served to remember a MOH recipient from 10th MTN. Confusing one MOH w/another is easy. I went to the CinC ball as a wounded warrior from Walter Reed. I met many. I can’t remember their names, but I remain in awe that THEY thanked ME for my service!

  64. For ALL of you who are bashing Obama about misspeaking during the visit to Ft Drum, How many times did Bush misspeak , almost every time. Just the the Dems could not wait to jump on Bush every time he opened his mouth ALL you right wing Republicans can’t wait to jump on Obama,both sides are a bunch or hypocrites. Just take a look at your selves.

  65. Fish & Chips you are a sycophantic moron! Stop apologizing for that socialist, elitest who is in perpetual campagne mode!

    Booooooosh! Is that all you morons can muster in defense of this idiot who insults our troops on a daily basis? You and your ilk disgust me!

    Get a clue.

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  67. We are so DONE as nation when we still have 50% of our country affirming this LIAR in Chief. He pulls out of a war we need to finish, only to crank-up His own in Libya (w/out Congressional approval)! He dispises the Constitution, appoints “light in the loafers” in his staff & elsewhere…
    To IMPEACH this dunderhead leaves us with Biden- EEeegadd!
    Osama-Obama says to the world on national TV, we are NOT a Christian nation; however, the fact is WE ARE. Only God’s mercy on our “misled” country can save us from imploding.

  68. I find it amazing when our presidents do not do as we think they should do,some how they are idiots or are useless.Those that write such negative remarks,maybe you should run for office,starting in your home towns.I am sure you will please all the voters with your decisions and mistakes.If one takes notice one would see how our presidents age very quickly. My opinion it is not from playing golf.

  69. FISH and CHIPS Says: “If George W. Bush had known the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite before it was explained to him in 2003…”

    This is not about Bush. You need to get over your obsession. It’s rather like a Klansman who only wants to talk about blacks or a Nazi who blames everything on Jews.

    Bush needed no such thing “explained to him,” so it’s actually exactly like the illogical of crazy racists. You’re probably thinking of Solomon P. Ortiz, Chairman of the Intel Committee, and a Democrat, who couldn’t answer a whole slew of those kinds of questions.

    In any case, we got RID of Bush and Obama was better, so how is saying, “He’s just as dumb as Bush,” using a fake example going to discount a real one?

  70. Mr. Obama is a failure. Apparently he has been very good at deception, mis-direction, lying and making excuse – but his record – as an adult – living in the U.S. – is a metoric rise…and a disastrous failure as President.

    He is NOT brilliant! He is an incredibly stupid man.

  71. This guy is smart? As compared to what, a single-celled paramecium? It also tells me that his “staff” are a bunch of mental midgets, as well. A total disgrace to the country he is. C’mon, 2012!

  72. If you believe any of his speeches then I have some beachfront property in AZ, come on its all for show to get reelected and it didn’t work. One of the worst presidents in the last 30 years. Maybe a president should have been in the military before running.

  73. forevery buffoon who voted for this clown…I hope you are proud, but, in all likelihood, your illiteracy makes it impossible for you to read the truth.

  74. Proud Soldier in Afghanistan on

    Since when did Military Times become a Rush Limbaugh website? Don’t get carried away folks.

  75. Dwayne Wagner on

    The vast majority of posters on this blog do not have a clue about the 101 meetings, ceremonies, talks, speeches, etc, etc, that each President must do. Every President has made similiar mistakes: both Republican and Democrat. Get a life. Please.

  76. As someone who personally knew Jared as we lived in the same hometown, this is mind blowing. I have no words to describe my anger. I was in Iraq when my mom told me when was KIA on the phone.

  77. This is obviously a tasteless mistake, but ‘FISH and CHIPS’ has it right to call out the reflexive hating.

    Bush Jr, Bush Sr, and Reagan all made worse blunders as president – but that has nothing with their value to our country. The President is always stressed and never has enough sleep, so these mistakes are inevitable and perfectly human.

    Mixing up MoH recipients leaves me a little skeptical about Obama’s focus on the military, but it might have just been an accident.

    However using this slip-up to rage at the CINC ain’t all that patriotic if you can’t back it up with something better than what Glenn Beck was telling you before he started sobbing again.

    This is not the worst president we’ve had – and you really need to pick up a history book if you don’t understand that. Our country will survive. If you want a better president in ’12, talk about who that is, and why. Don’t just spew hate. What are you, a Dixie Chick?

  78. He named the wrong person… Everybody has done that. The mind boggling thing is how many supposed veterans are posting about how much they hate Obama. Really, you hate Obama because he named the wrong person accidentally, and yet you don’t hate Bush who lied to us to invade Iraq? Are you stuck on stupid?
    And the most hilarious is the government employees calling Obama a socialist. Or do you believe that the military is somehow not a part of the government and that you didn’t receive a government paycheck signed by the taxpayer?

  79. Better than you on

    Paul Monti, Jared Monti’s father:
    “FYI- President Barack Obama telephoned me personally this afternoon to apologize for his error in his speech to the 10th mountain division re: Jared’s medal ceremony. Apology accepted.”

  80. The problem is this:  the most innocuous mistake is still horrifying when made in the wrong circumstances.  Asking a non-pregnant lady when she is due would be a classic example.  It does not matter how harmless the question is.  It does not matter how pregnant the lady looks.

    You have made a horrific error, for which you should turn beet red and apologize profusely.

    The same logic applies here. This a sad excuse of an argument! Getting someone’s name wrong means Obama is a poor excuse of a human being? That’s disgusting talk is worst than passing this off as a “mistake”. Not to mention demanding the military to become disrespectful racists like here from the right. This is just a sad excuse to make Bush and Sarah seem more intelligent than they aren’t and weren’t.

  81. It’s AMAZING to me the amount of sour grapes there is STILL LEFT to go around since the presidiential election. HE WON……..GET OVER IT!!! Sheesh!! Where were you guys every time Bush had the nerve to speak in public and couldn’t even put two words together to form a coherent sentence? You guys must be EXHAUSTED, waiting in the wings just waiting for Obama to say something by mistake so you could pounce on it and become the heroes of the day!!! You’re pathetic. Get a life already. Haven’t you found anything better to do? Like look for another loser to support for the next prez election, only to watch them fail miserably? You just can’t STAND that Obama is succeeding in his job……..all the while having to clean up the dreary mess left by his predecessor. GO OBAMA!!!! 🙂

  82. The problem is this:  the most innocuous mistake is still horrifying when made in the wrong circumstances.  Asking a non-pregnant lady when she is due would be a classic example.  It does not matter how harmless the question is.  It does not matter how pregnant the lady looks.

    You have made a horrific error, for which you should turn beet red and apologize profusely.

    The same logic applies here. This a sad excuse of an argument! Getting someone’s name wrong means Obama is a poor excuse of a human being? That’s disgusting talk is worst than passing this off as a “mistake”. Not to mention demanding the military to become disrespectful racists like here from the right. This is just a sad excuse to make Bush and Sarah seem more intelligent than they aren’t and weren’t

  83. Sam Cadiente on

    Makes you wonder oif early Alzheimer has set in. Reagan did not have this kind of mental lapses. Anyway I think he did not bring his teleprompter maybe. Thanks for the word misspoke that he relies as an excuse a thousand times. Let us accept him as he is but in big decisions, please don’t let him do it alone.

  84. “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”.
    Let us prey that our countrymen will awaken to the plunderous
    thieves, who dare call themselves leaders.
    God bless our troops and their families.
    Pay attention to the future, forget not the past.

  85. He is a real A** Hole! How he ever got elected is beyond me except People wanted the First Half Black President. Just think what he would be like without his Teleprompters

  86. I’m willing to bet you guys hated Obama before this ever happened so who cares? For some of you, if Bush did the same thing, you would forgive him. Even though Bush completely mismanaged the war, lied about Tillman to his own family, declared pre-emptive victory in Iraq, went against chief of staff recs for troop levels, and made Iraq into a breeding ground for insurgents through willful ignorance of the situation, etc. Point is, you like who you like and nothing will change that.

  87. The President is doing a great job. We live in the freest country on Earth, he was elected by the freest people on Earth, and for those of you who would rather throw sand in the eyes of the democratically elected representative of the United States, I say try living in any other country (maybe China, where all your WalMart garbage is made…you’ll get even Xtra low prices). Look, Bush had 8 years, and all we got was $$$ down the toilette for people living in the stone age who don’t want our help. $$$ later, what do we have to show for it? We’re broke, and we’re broke because you Bush-ites ran the country straight into the ground throwing our money at corrupt Muslim countries that can’t even run a power station, but you don’t want to pay a pension for people who gave their whole lives to educating our children so they become workers who pay taxes to fund Republican adventures. All of you Obama haters don’t realize our President is the best thing to happen to our country in a decade. Your celebration of ignorance is nothing short of Mao’s Cultural Revolution: a total rejection of logic and academic thought. Obama will win in 2012, because on the open market of ideas, he wins with most Americans (not trolls throwing their literary feces at spectators). This forum is a zoo and you are the monkeys.

  88. Obama is a mmilitary-hating, corrupt Marxist who I pray will be voted out of office. His golf game is vastly more important to him than our troops.

  89. Has nearly everyone on these posts forgotten WHO put us in these “wars”? Sure, you can argue Obama may not be handling these “wars” as well as he should, but to hear that he’s to blame for us being there? Uhhhhh….

  90. Why don’t you closet racists just go ahead, come on out, and just say what you really want to say. You can’t stand that a person with a different skin color got elected. I don’t know why you’re all hiding behind.

    And just to repost:
    Paul Monti, Jared Monti’s father:
    “FYI- President Barack Obama telephoned me personally this afternoon to apologize for his error in his speech to the 10th mountain division re: Jared’s medal ceremony. Apology accepted.”

    Sounds like the “right” thing to do to recognize his error. But hey, call me crazy. Not that any of you close minded folks would ever say “Oh, well okay, that was a nice gesture” and move on.

  91. I’ve never seen so much whining in one spot before. Obama won and he’s doing a fine job. He isn’t as far left as I wish he be, but he is light years ahead of the numskull who preceeded him.

  92. Jim… what ever you are smokin son, is way to powerful for your brain to function ever again as you have proven to this list of comments.. you are not only a fool, you and your kind are allowing the greatest nation in the history of this planet to be destroyed by this: A) Communist B.) Sharecropper C.) George Soros’s Son D) Islamic Muslim Brotherhood CEO E.) ALL OF THE ABOVE.. PICK ONE!!
    Your hero could not create a cold if he was at the North Pole. He could not create a popcicle. He could not create a job if he was given a TRILLION DOLLARS.. Oh, he did have a TRILLION DOLLARS… YOU IDIOT.. STOP DRINKIN THE KOOLAIDE..

  93. Odumba gets a pass from the Main Stream Media for every gaffe he commits, and they are numerous. I didn’t expect anything better from someone who is elected illegally, and never served.

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