Georgia guardsman swoops into Ninja Warrior competition



“What a look of intensity on Stratis’ face, Jimmy!”

Tonight Army National Guard 1st Lt. Ryan Stratis hits prime time. As one of ten finalists on American Ninja Warrior, Stratis takes on perhaps the toughest obstacle course there is, in Yokohama, Japan. Here’s schedule of when you can root for Ryan Stratis:

Monday, 8/22

– Noon-8pm EST: Day-long Season 3 marathon (G4)

– 8-9pm EST: American Ninja Warrior themed Attack of the Show (G4)

– 9-11pm EST: Season 3 finale (NBC)


Tuesday, 8/23 – 9-11pm EST: Season 3 finale re-broadcast (G4)

Saturday, 8/27 – 9am-7pm EST: Day-long Season 3 marathon and finale re-broadcast (G4)

Sunday, 9/4 + Monday, 9/5 – 9am-5am EST: Two-day Seasons 2 and Season 3 marathon (G4)


To read more about Stratis in the OFFDuty section of this week’s Army Times, on newsstands only.


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