Local heroes: FOB docs care for troops, Afghans


The staff at the combat support hospital on FOB Salerno, in Khost, Afghanistan, entertain a young patient. (via operationsupportsalerno.org)

The staff at the combat support hospital on FOB Salerno, in Khost Province, Afghanistan, are taking hearts and minds seriously–and they need all the help they can get.

Operation: Support Salerno is soliciting donations for soldiers (care packages) and the local Afghan population, which the hospital also treats.

For weekend pancake breakfasts and pasta nights–anything to avoid Army food–they’re looking for pancake mix and maple syrup, dry pasta and sauce, as well as sushi rice, seaweed paper and Spam.  (Hunt around on their website and you’ll find the person who’s making Korean sushi rolls AKA gimbap.) They suggest going to here and here to send.

Go here to make monetary donations, which support the purchase of daily necessities for Afghan children (clothes, hygiene items, tooth brush/paste, children’s multivitamins) and much needed medical supplies to augment the treatment of some of the local population.

Capt. Jeffrey Smith, at Salerno Hospital, who brought the web site to our attention, said that one of the things he enjoys most about his job is interacting with Afghan children.

“I really enjoy interacting with the kids and trying to make a difference in their perception of Americans,” he said. “After all, the children are the future of Afghanistan and I’d like to think some of what we do here will have an impact.”

Smith offered thanks for donations the web site has already attracted from folks back home.

“Without their support, none of we do here would be possible,” Smith said. “I’ve been very lucky to have been part of this and to have met so many amazing Americans. I am reminded every day why I’m proud to be an American.”


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  1. These medical professionals go above an beyond. Bless them for their work. I encourage all to check the website and make a donation. It is so important to reach the heart and then the mind, no better way then good medical care.

  2. Tried to get the addresses for donations but when I click on “here” and “here” and “here”, it comes to a screen that says the page is not valid or something like that?????

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