Lionel Richie scores Iraq pullout, as helos fly 'All Night Long'


To the dedicated men and women of the 211th Aviation Regiment, we salute you and say,  “Jambo nipe senti moja. Hey jambo jambo.”

The 211th, whose CH-47 Chinooks are facilitating the U.S. drawdown from Iraq under the protection of darkness, has adopted Lionel Richie’s signature hit, “All Night Long,” as its motto.

And like Richie in 1983, the 211th “Can’t Slow Down.” CH-47’ss with B Company, 2nd General Support Aviation Battalion, flew more than 1,100 hours moving personnel and cargo last month as the U.S. presence in Iraq draws to a close.

The tandem-rotor helicopters, which can support up to 26,000 pounds of cargo, are providing much of the the heavy-lift, taking a a load off the C-130s and other fixed-wing assets.

“We are kind of like a moving company,” said Sgt. Andrew Anderson, flight engineer with the 211th. “The pilots are the drivers and we are the muscle in the back getting it all done.”


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A flight engineer with B Company, 2-211th General Support Aviation Battalion, keeps a vigilant eye out for trouble while flying a mission in the midst of the U.S. drawdown in Iraq. (Army photo)


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