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  1. Dale Higdon, SGM (Ret) on

    I do not think good judgement was used in the decision to publish this cartoon, because of the potential to further inflame the Taliban and other forces in militant Islamic circles. I hope our forces are not the victims of retaliation because of this. I also hope this element is taken into consideration when making these sort of decisions in the future, as there is already existing precedent for deadly consequences in regard to the publication of what is considered to be inflammatory by the radical elements of Islam.

  2. I live in a free country, and as a soldier, I will not give in to people who are trying to shut down my free speech. I think the practice of covering women and treating them as they are non people is abhorrent and I will make fun of it as much as I possibly can.

    I am not Islamic. I will never kowtow to radical Islamists, or ANY radical, out of fear that I may anger them.

  3. Dustin Stewart on

    Good cartoon, and I agree with your reply to the SGM’s comment.

    Sadly, our own country is becoming more and more restrictive with free speech…

  4. Brandon Wood on

    I think if you can inflame someone enough that they try to slaughter more Americans because of a cartoon, then you’ve found the enemy who just needed an excuse. We don’t go on Jihad every time they burn a flag or a bible so what’s good for the goose is in turn, good for the gander. And let’s not even get into the tripe about hopefully doesn’t offend them, read your history books, Chamberlain practiced appeasement as well, and look how that ended.

  5. Makes you wonder if the supposed people who make these PC comments are who they say they are or if theyve seen first hand the horrible way they treat women in these countries.

  6. Jacob Staley on

    I completely agree with PPTRanger, as a society we have grown weak and cowtow to religious rutcases. Free speech is just that. If anything, we should be ignoring the tears of the religious fanatics, specifically the islamic because terrorism is not religion, its fear and control using the mask of religion.

  7. Islamic extremists never ask permission or apologies when they commit suicide bombings or decry the death of non believers throughout the world. We talk about fighting intolerance but we are fighting the most intolerant people in the world

  8. Free Speech, we have it. They( islamic extremists) can be sorry little whiners and not like it all they want, theyve had the monkey brain mindset of killing over their islamic crap for the past 1000s of years. They are some of the oldest of civilizations in the world, yet they are the furthest behind.

  9. is anyone really afraid of what the taliban will do by reading any kind of american news paper? if they want reasons to hate us network T.V. gives them plenty on a nightly basis.

  10. Too true…if the radicals use a satire cartoon(which, might i add, makes more fun of soldiers then anything) to commit horrible acts, then it is highly likely they would have done it anyway.
    Let them throw their lives away for their religion.

  11. I do not mean this in disrespect but sgm, you have just shown a lack of conviction in the reason soldiers join the army. Not only to serve the people, but also to defend their right to freedom of speech. That being said we also defend the douchebags right to protest our own funerals…..

  12. He’s just mad because the women are not wearing their Taliban issued reflective belt! That’s all SGM’s are good for these days. You can’t do anything without getting criticized.

  13. The Taliban can rape little boys, sell girls into human slavery, grow opium, process it into heroin, but omg…don’t offend their delicate society by making fun of how repressive and backwards they are.

  14. Well said, PPTRanger.

    Besides, are radical militant Islamic spending their days reading the latest Army Times? After the last ten years, im sure they have decided it offers nothing in the way of intelligence to aid their cause.

  15. How come we are the only party in this dance that has to be PC? The Taliban will be in charge of the entire country about a week after we leave and I don’t care if they think I laugh at them or not. They don’t need a reason to retaliate, they just need a compliant American public apologizing at every turn to deflect cause. Radical elements of Islam, now there is an all-encompassing phrase.

  16. Good for you PPR. Regardless of if one agrees or disagrees with your cartoon (as I find it humorous), no one should refrain from expressing a right they have been given and/or earned, especially in the face of such ignorance. The moment anyone starts choosing to keep their expressions to themselves, is the moment they will take another inch of your freedom. The old saying didnt become a saying out of nothing, it became one from the experience.

  17. Isn’t that kind of the point of terrorism? To use fear to change the way we think and act. At what point was our Military expected to run in fea, from the very elements we’re at war with? Can anyone give me an example of when appeasement to terriosts has worked? I do not, and will not censor myself for fear of violence. I am an American, I’m a Soldier in my country’s Army. Fuck em if they can’t take a joke.

    OIF 2003-2004, and 2005-2006 as well as OEF 2009-2010.

  18. “I do not think good judgement was used in the decision to publish this cartoon, because of the potential to further inflame the Taliban and other forces in militant Islamic circles. I hope our forces are not the victims of retaliation because of this.” I don’t know about the rest of y’all but I wonder when people will realize that no matter how much we bend over and receive it from these radicals that they will never be satisfied unless they keep killing our soldiers and innocent civilians. A simple comic will not change their opinion one way or another. When we have to begin censoring ourselves in order to appease others then we have forgotten what our nation was founded for.

  19. christopher heydon on

    OMG stone them womens they have shown ankle they are the whores of babylon!!! and on a serious note your captcha this sucks what about those poor people who didnt learn maths at school lol

  20. Matt (not RET) on

    I agree with ppt ranger 100 percent. Wether we publish nice stuff or not they still shoot, plant bombs, oh AND still have one of our Paratroopers. I loved “Murphy” and have a fond memory of it. If you look at some of the stuff Barker did it was not PC. Besides all of that this stuff is gold and funny as hell. Get with the present respect points of view, ability to laugh and stay retired by not trying influence day to day lives of troops.

  21. I think someone spent too much time in the army.

    SGM Higdon, I believe you are actually captured in many of PPR’s cartoons. Check them out. And it’s a violation of Army TRADOC regulations to post such things without wearing your reflective belt.

  22. Dale, I seriously doubt this cartoon will have any negative effect… The only thing the Taliban will be wondering is how PPT Ranger got a picture of his wives…

  23. We should not have to live in fear of any extremist group. Don’t people see a trend here? You can bash just about any other religion without a backlash. But if you even mention islam in any kind of joking manner you are “the devil” and deserve whatever happens to you. This is garbage. There is no reason anyone in America, or anywhere else, should be afraid for their lives because of satire.

  24. Dale, I can understand your concern about further angering the radical elements of islam and perhaps costing the lives of more UN workers, but damn it, I didn’t fight and nearly die in the army so we could roll over on our 1st amendment when it comes to upsetting “them”. The burka face covering has nothing to do with islam and everything to do with subjugation of women. We can not and should not soften or stance to “get along” with these people. Islam says nothing about face covering. While the Koran does say a woman should keep her hair and breasts covered in public a hijab does a fine job of that. The face covering is fairly new and coincides with radicals who hate the west. People like that will FIND something to be mad about even if we act like angels.

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