This week in Army Times print edition: Genital injury compensation… Grooming rules… and $150K re-up bonuses


$50,000 for your junk — and what your other parts are worth

The Army has updated a program to compensate soldiers for their injuries, adding genital injuries to the list of “anatomical losses” that qualify both male and female soldiers for payment.

Also, payments are no longer restricted to injuries from service in Iraq or Afghanistan. The Traumatic Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance program can now compensate for injuries “any time, anywhere,” an Army official says.

Genital losses qualify soldiers for $50,000 in compensation. Losing all four limbs will qualify soldiers for the maximum payout of $100,000.

To see more, including what your other body parts are worth, go to the story in Army Times this week.

New rules on appearance for every soldier, on duty and off

Tough new rules for how soldiers dress and groom themselves are on the way, covering everything from civilian attire to haircuts and tattoos.

Most of the rules are restrictive, but one of them gives soldiers an option they’ve never had before: umbrellas.

Senior leaders are putting the finishing touches on the 17 new rules that include shorter sideburns, limits on tattoos and piercings, and a ban on smoking or using cell phones while walking.

Soldiers may face punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice if they break the rules.

Find out all the details in this week’s Army Times, on newsstands now.

NCOs with critical skills can get up to $150K to re-enlist

Noncommissioned officers in several priority specialties are eligible for a new round of big-bucks incentives to stay in uniform.

As of this month, lump-sum payments up to $150,000 will go to sergeants first class and above in targeted specialties. The bonuses generally are tax-free if paid in a combat zone.

For all the details and the rules, see Army Times.


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