Top Army general: I'm a victim of online impostors [UPDATE]


Gen. Ray Odierno, the Army chief of staff, took to Facebook today to warn folks that he’s being impersonated online, most likely for profit. Army Times has reported on this many times. One of the most common iterations of this scam is when a scammer poses as a soldier, using pictures and details lifted from social media, to trick lonely-hearted women out of their money. Scammers have impersonated average Joes and top officials in the past, and it’s no surprise the Army’s most senior official is on the list.

“There are numerous instances of impersonation fraud on the internet. Often these consist of criminal elements impersonating military personnel for financial gain. I myself have had individuals attempt to impersonate me online in order to prey on the goodwill of individuals. My online presence consists ONLY of this facebook page, my twitter account (@GenRayOdieno), my blog on Army Live, and my Pinterest page (Ray Odierno). If anyone is being contacted through any other type of account, such as Skype, it is most certainly an imposter. Below is the link to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, which you can use as a resource. Army Strong!”

I just want to take note of two things: Gen. Odierno has a Pinterest account, and the person who posts for him on Facebook posted his Twitter and Pinterest handles erroneously. Dude, you are so getting a demotion. Or maybe, it’s a head fake to the scammers. Very tricky, general.

Gen. Odierno has since posted the following: 

“Nice spot by Joe Gould at the Army Times– my proper twitter account is: GenRayOdierno. The one in the post above is a typo. Army Strong!”


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  1. This is a good blog. I believe that we all need to understand who is a real authentic Senior Official. The military does not have one person raise money, or anything else of that nature. We need to be cognizant of that.

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