In Army Times' print edition this week: New promotion rules … 10 who rate top honor … is energy booster safe?



New promotion rules: No courses, no stripe

New rules and requirements for enlisted promotions now mean a soldier isn’t guaranteed the next promotion just because he had a few deployments and did well on the fitness test.

Soldiers now must complete Structured Self-Development courses and also courses in the Noncommissioned Officer Education System before they can be promoted. Their senior NCOs will be under pressure to make sure the soldiers get it done.

The Army’ stop enlisted soldier, Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond Chandler, said “You can’t just stay static and say what happened 10 years ago is good for today. Expectations change.”

For soldiers who don’t want to go to school and think they can avoid it, guess again. As of Oct. 1, that changes, Chandler said.

See this week’s Army Times for more details on what every enlisted soldier needs to know.


Special report: 10 troops who rate the Medal of Honor

Army Times profiles the selfless valor of 10 troops whose actions show they deserve the nation’s top award for combat: the Medal of Honor.

But they have received lesser awards, or none at all.

Their actions are compared with those of 10 MoH recipients who have done similar heroic deeds, and were approved.

See the side-by-side analysis, with graphics and a look at two commanders responsible for many of the recently approved medals. It’s all in this week’s print edition, on sale now.


5-Hour Energy shots: Are they safe?

The jolt you get from plastic bottles of 5-Hour Energy is popular among troops who want a power boost during long hours and tough duty.

Sales of the product topped $10 million in military exchanges and commissaries last year.

But the blast of caffeine and vitamins from 5-Hour Energy is raising questions about its safety and about how much is too much for people to consume.

Find out what’s in the product, and what it can do, in this week’s Army Times.


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  1. Hope the SMA walks the talk. Even Soldiers kept on Rear-D could not attend school for whatever reasons. Now it’s up to the SMA to get them to school. It’s not really up to the Soldier … never has been.

  2. Seems like the SMA has his rank, now he wants to slow the promotion system down. The problem isn’t the ones who want to get promoted and put in the effort, its the leaders who kept allowing Soldiers to pass the promotion boards who couldn’t even write a counseling, and Seniors who are afraid to wright negative NCOERs.

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