Army Times' print edition this week: Sex, fraud, two wives … Deploy or get out … 'To hell with Afghanistan,' lawmaker says


Sex, fraud, 2 wives: Colonel charged with bigamy, fraud and more

The brigade commander fired from command of 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team once seemed to be destined to wear general’s stars. But when his court-martial begins on June 11, he will face charges he defrauded the Army out of tens of thousands of dollars to “frolic” with an Iraqi mistress, whom he allegedly made his wife even though he already was married.

If charges prove true, Col. James H. Johnson III is a cheat and a bigamist. He is charged with forgery, fraud, lying and bigamy.

His wife and mother of his children, Kristina Johnson, told Army Times she was shocked to find out she was denied military benefits and that her husband allegedly had married again.

 “If I wasn’t living this, I would think it’s all made up,” Mrs. Johnson told Army Times.

See the full story in this week’s Army Times.

Expanded early-outs: Deploy or get out

Some Regular Army soldiers are being told to either deploy or leave service under a newly revised involuntary separation program.

The Army has announced it is using new authority from Congress to require some soldiers to leave active duty up to 12 months before the expiration of their enlistment contracts.

Under previous law, involuntary early-outs were limited to no more than three months before a soldier’s expiration of term of service.

The good news is that soldiers forced to leave service under this program get to keep their re-enlistment bonuses, officials say.

Get all the details in Army Times, on newsstands now.

‘To hell with Afghanistan’

It’s time to leave Afghanistan, lawmakers at a hearing on Capital Hill said on May 31, with one of them saying troops are “dying for nothing.” To make their point, the bipartisan panel of members of Congress joined forces with an Army whistleblower, a lieutenant colonel who has gone public about the “absence of success on virtually every level” in the effort in Afghanistan.

Find out more about their effort to swiftly end the war there. See Army Times this week.



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