Army Times' print edition this week: 'Fix the promotion system' … Rethinking your ink … 11,000 soldiers to deploy


Promotions: Soldiers tell leadership what needs fixing

Soldiers frustrated with the promotion system are telling Army leadership that their peers are too often promoted with little job knowledge and before they are ready to take on the next level of responsibility.

The fix-it feedback came in response to a question from Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond Chandler, who asked soldiers if they felt the new point system is fair and accurately portrays the total soldier concept. He asked what they would like to see changed.

A flood of responses came back at him.

See Army Times’ report on what soldiers had to say. Check out this week’s issue, on newsstands now.

‘I hate my tats’: More troops are getting rid of their ink

The workplace restrictions on tattoos, and relationships gone wrong, are just some of the reasons military people are rethinking their ink.

“I hate this tattoo,” said one former service member of his tattooed wedding band that lasted longer than his marriage. “It’s got to go.”

Fortunately for him and many others, erasing body art is now easier than ever because of new methods for laser tattoo removal.

As tattoo regs get tighter and threaten to put a blotch on military careers, troops are lining up to dump their ink.

Find out more in this week’s Army Times.

11,000 soldiers to deploy

All those stories you’ve been hearing about combat operations winding down in Afghanistan won’t mean much this year or maybe even the next.

The Army has announced plans to deploy 11,000 soldiers to the warzone in coming months, from three different divisions.

See who’s up next for the ‘Stan. Get the details in Army Times.



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