Congrats, Cicely Verstein!



WDTV News in West Virginia reports on the swearing-in of 21 year-old Cicely Verstein, who  is the first woman to enlist into one of the six Army combat-arms support jobs opened to women in May.  She plans to become a 91M, or Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer.

Verstein said she had no idea what she was getting herself into when she signed up for the Army. She told 5 News she just liked working on motors.
“All they told me was (that) these jobs just opened up for women,” Verstein said. “I found one that looked interesting. I’m familiar with motors and I was interested in that.”
Captain Robert Knaggs, who recruited her, said her job will fit her perfectly. He also told 5 News he thinks the fact that Verstein enlisted it shows her true character.
“25% of the population is eligible to join the military,” Knaggs said. “It shows she is a rare breed and she wants this.”
[via WDTV News]

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