Snitching "soldier" beaten in viral video is no soldier at all



A young man appears to beat, bully and threaten to kill another terrified young man in ACUs for “snitching” in a violent video recently posted online.

The video has been posted under the title, “Man Up: Soldier Gets Whooped On For Allegedly Snitching!” and Army Criminal Investigation Command is looking into the matter, but the participants are actually cadets at a troubled Christian military school in Kansas, according to a school administrator.

“The video depicts two St. John’s cadets,” E. Andrew England, president of  Saint John’s Military School For Boys, in Salina, Kansas, told Army Times in an email. The aggressor in the video has since been dismissed from the school.

The apparent tormentor complains that after smoking an unnamed substance together with friends, he was strip searched and his friends given a “UA,” likely a urinalysis. He concludes he was given up by the young man in ACUs.

“It looks like you f—ing snitched,” he says. “I’m about to f—ing stab you, dog.”

In the room where the confrontation takes place, one young man sits impassively at a computer while another records the video over crossed legs.

The victim pleads on his own behalf, swearing he did not tell–invoking his dead father and other members of his family.

His tormentor swats his cowering comrade with a skateboard and pummels his body like a punching bag. The young man in ACU’s, backed against a window, covers his face and does not fight back.

Red-faced and sobbing into his hands, he cries, “I didn’t snitch,” over and over. “I won’t say a goddamned word,” he says.

Finally, his attacker approaches holding a shiny object, saying, “If this leaves this room, dog, it was you. I’m coming after you. I’m gonna f—ing kill you.”

The video appears to have been posted first on World Star Hip Hop on July 7, where it has been viewed more than 386,000 times. It has since been re-posted to YouTube and Reddit. On the latter site, commenters noted the logo on the bully’s sweatshirt matches that of Saint John’s.

In his email, England said, “Behavior such as this is not tolerated at St. John’s. Whereas we did not have access to this video at the time of the incident, our adult staff learned of this type of behavior from the offending cadet and he was dismissed from the school.”

The school is the defendant in a federal lawsuit filed in March over alleged hazing and beatings of  cadets, supposedly sanctioned by school officials.  The four parents suing the school allege cadets known as the “the Disciplinarians” abused younger cadets. One student complained of being beaten, tied-up and urinated on in a shower.

In legal filings, the school denies many of the lawsuit’s allegations. England’s statement went on:

“Hazing, bullying, and conflicts between cadets are not a part of the environment that exists at St. John’s, however, incidents do occur. St. John’s has a proven record in being responsive to these incidents and handling them in a manner that maintains a safe environment that is conducive to a young man’s personal and educational growth.”


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  1. Concerned Parent on

    and I will make sure when school starts that even the other kids were dealt with as I suspect they were. if you do not think things like this occur in every highschool across the nation, in every parking lot, in peoples houses every day you are sadly mistaken. The sad things is that all those other places the parents, police, and so on ignore it. At this school its dealt with when they find out about it. I know 2 or 3 of these kids and I will follow up and confirm I what I already know. (suspect) it was handled correctly.

  2. And this is a military academy ? So much for any discipline. If the school had any in the first place, none of this would have occurred. It is a sad day when people even post something this silly online. I know the problem, there is no accountability anymore. Different times I guess. I went to war, I know the importance of discipline, I even wrote a book about it.. called My Journey as a Combat Medic.

  3. “Dismissed???” That should be “turned over to authorities.” This video is evidence of assault, battery, terroristic threats, and use of illegal substances. “Dismissal” should be the least of the punk’s worries.

  4. rich kids are pussies…. Under no circumstances should these wannabes be mistaken for US Army Soldiers. Times are too hard all around for me to even digest that money is wasted on these kids tuition… My book The Longest War and my Comic Power Point Ranger tell the real story of America.

  5. I agree absolutely with Patrick Thibeault, and could not have said it any better. I wonder what that upperclassman would have done if a proven “snitch” was a local golden gloves or school boxing champion? You need not wonder, everyone knows that bullies are cowards who only prey on the defenceless.

  6. standards + enforcement = discipline. Go to combat with that attitude and see how long it takes you to come home in a bodybag.

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