Army Times' print edition this week: New body-fat rules, weapons systems cut, child terrorists


 Body fat: New rules for a thinner Army

The Army is cutting the amount of body fat it will allow new recruits, and tougher rules for active-duty soldiers are coming soon.

Army leaders say a review of the standards for the force will likely mean those standards get tighter for all soldiers.

So far, the Army’s guidelines are the most lenient among the services. But it looks like that’s about to change.

Weapons systems may get the ax

Maybe you’ve shot it, and maybe you liked it, but now the much-anticipated M806 lightweight .50-caliber machine gun has been shot down by an Army forced to cut costs.

Other weapons systems may face the same fate. A wide variety of other programs in development are being eyed for possible cancellation to save money, officials say.

Soldiers find the enemy might just be a child

In an area of Afghanistan where children usually expose bomb locations for NATO troops, there is an alarming new wrinkle.

Young children have been recruited by the Taliban and other armed groups to carry and emplace improvised explosive devices, go on suicide attacks and act as couriers.

Commanders, in trying to tell soldiers how to handle pre-teen terrorists, advise “courageous restraint.”

See the story in Army Times.


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  1. “Courageous restraint”… .B.S. An Afghan child suspected of preparing to blow away our people is a priority target, not some kind of “national treasure”.

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