Look sergeant, no hands! Human harness holds casualties



An Israeli company has invented a harness that allows you to carry your wounded buddy on your back, hands-free.

The device, which weighs less than a pound and folds to 10 inches long, is being marketed as a more comfortable replacement for the fireman’s carry. It’s called the Injured Personnel Carrier or “Human Backpack.”

Manufacter Agilite got the idea from Israeli Defense Force soldiers who found they could carry a person this way by connecting four rifle slings, said Elie Isaacson, the company’s director of strategic development. Agilite makes tactical vests, harnesses and backpacks.

Isaacson said interest has exploded since it began offering the IPC a few months ago. The Marine Corps, SWAT teams and combat medics are among its customers, he said.

The main appeal is that it’s hands-free. For a five-man squad, for example, if one person goes down, there are three rifles without the IPC. With the IPC, it’s four rifles.

On YouTube, the video has attracted some unkind comments:

“And in the civilian world, it doubles as a badass and hilarious method to kidnap the homeless,” writes mrfairport.

Says bsan408, “A back plate meat shield. Nice…”


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