British soldiers stand up and salute Prince Harry. Naked.


Photo via Facebook

Inspired by the non-issue of Prince Harry’s naked Las Vegas escapades last month, members of the British Armed Forces have set up a Facebook group in support of his royal highness.

Apache helicopter pilot Cpt. Henry Wales of the Army Air Corps’ Blues and Royals regiment, as he’s known in the British military, earned an Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan in 2008.


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  1. I am an American, not English. We dont have a monarchy in the USA. Regardless, this is shamefull that military men would post something like this online. It descrates military service in the name of slapstick humor.

    I dont know how the laws are in England regarding this, but it is done in poor taste. But the monarchy does not have control of the military and it is funny.

  2. To Patrick Thibeault:
    God and spirit are sacred. Not the military. Not war. Not military service.
    (Desecrate = to malign or sully that which is sacred.)

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