Video: Helmet cam captures firefight with Taliban


A video taken by a U.S. soldier’s helmet-mounted camera in Afghanistan is making the rounds on the Internet. The video, posted Sept. 26 on YouTube by FUNKER530, shows the soldier drawing fire away from his squad as he makes his way downhill in Kunar province. According to the video description, the soldier was hit four times but none of the rounds penetrated his body armor. Watch the footage below:


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  1. this guy is in my company and i just can’t sit by the soldier in this video was most certainly not shot at all in the chest. he decided to move down the mountain which was a bad idea he had good cover where he was, after that he got hit by some rocks from a round the hit the one he was behind and had an injury to his finger and arm which was fixed by our medic with some bandages he then spent a week or so on the COP and was sent home for a broken foot which he claims was from the fall you see in the video but i seen him the same day walking just fine.

  2. @ Joseph — this is a Soldier. You can see his Multicam trousers in portions of the video. As far as I know, Marines are still wearing their MARPAT in-theatre.

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