Wounded troop asked medic to flash ‘boobs’ to ease his pain [UPDATED]


A British hero medic says a fellow UK soldier who had just lost his legs to a bomb blast asked her to flash her breasts to help relieve his pain.

Private Emily Tomkins refused, but saved his life, earning a bravery award for her heroics in Helmand, Afghanistan, the UK Sun reports.

Tomkins, 21, initially gave the man a shot of morphine, but explained she could not risk giving any more despite his agony.

Then he said: “Well do something useful and show me your boobs.”

Tomkins treated the soldier wounded by an IED, attached tourniquets to stop blood loss, fitted a splint to his pelvis and bandaged his arm, she told the Daily Echo.

“It didn’t faze me whatsoever,” she said of his injuries.

She brushed off his unusual request and carried him to safety.

“He was in a brilliant mood. It was the worst situation to be making a joke,” she said.

Maybe this is the right attitude toward the comments of someone who had just had his legs blown off and received a dose of morphine.

Or maybe not. A female Army medic comments on Gawker’s version of this story that this all too common for female medics.

“Here’s the deal. I am an Army medic, and I have heard this kind of sh– so many times. I have had guys ask me to flash them, give them oral sex, have sex with them, so they ‘feel better’. It is the biggest bunch of bull—-. If it was one guy, badly wounded, who cracked a joke, I might give him a pass. But it’s so many of them, and it’s so often. I am highly trained. I am extremely good at my job. I love my job. I am here to save your miserable f—ing life. At least *pretend* like you see me as a fellow soldier, maybe even as a person, rather than a camouflaged fleshlight on legs.”


Emily Tomkins writes in reply to the U.S. Army WTF! Moments post on this topic:

Hey everyone!! I think I did an awesome job out there an the guy I saved is really greatful!! And still he asks if he can see my boobs I just laugh it off!! He is a lovely lad and is doing very well recently last week he walked on his new legs!!! Bless him, I gave him morphine and it worked a little but not enough and he wanted more!! I was just stunned he was joking around when I was treating him, we were being attacked at te same time so I was having bullets whizz over my head, but all I was concentratin on was saving my casualty, he wanted a mention in the papers but as I cannot say his name I decided to show how amazing he was in that situation I’m sorry if it has offended some people but that was just the situation we was in at the time!!  Thanks Emily Tomkins MID winner

[photo via UK Sun]

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  1. Morphine! Give the guy a break, he just had his legs blown off. I am a woman and I believe women have become way to sensitive about this kinda stuff. Sexual prowess of a man is very important to their well being, in a situation like this don’t you think this would be the first thing to come to their morphine clouded minds? This is not a moment to chastise them for sexual harassment, or to feel objectified, rather this is a moment to be compassionate, understanding and comforting. Morphine is a powerful drug, it can make people say things they normally wouldn’t say. This is the time to forgive and move on. Say something clever in return, tell him a joke, morphine induced minds are easily distracted, in essence, redirect the conversation.

  2. You are AWSOME Private Tomkins, and your ‘casualty’ too! Words are not enough to thank you both for your service.

  3. I am not surprised at this at all. I am a grunt and have experienced the best and the worst. I am appalled at the sensitivity that we have a soldiers in our operating environments. Put the big boy/ girl pants on, bite the bullet and drive on. It’s the most tragic of situations, and I am thankful that we can applaud those who are deserving of providing top notch care to our wounded warriors and deal with the secondary events all with a grain of salt. Thank you Private Tomkins!

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