Old Guard pioneers Army working cat program



The Army tried to play a big April Fools’ Joke on us all by posting this Army News Service story about the fancy new working cat program at Fort Myer-Henderson Hall, Va.

The story is dated April 1, 2013, but the trouble is, whomever is in charge of posting these stories fouled it up and it went live today.

Joke’s on them!

It was a respectable effort, though. If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, it says that soldiers at Fort Myer have captured about 100 stray cats whom they’re training to work alongside military police officers. Did you know that a cat’s sense of smell is twice as sharp as a dog’s?

(Ed note: The problem is that cats have about a tenth of a dog’s need for validation, so they’re not the most obedient.)

“It’s better to use these cats because they are a lot quieter, sneakier and quicker than most of our dogs,” Sgt. 1st Class Tyler Radmall said. “They will also be able to get into some of the smaller crawl spaces to sniff out bombs if necessary.”

Well played. It probably won’t cause the same uproar as the great Army April Fools’ Joke of 2011, but it’ll probably elicit a few head scratches.


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