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On this week’s cover, experts and scientific research back up what soldiers have been saying for years: The tape test gets it wrong.

In the last five years, the number of soldiers kicked out for busting tape has increased tenfold. Military Times followed DoD guidelines in performing tape tests on 10 troops from all four services, then compared those measurements to the body fat percentage calculated by the “dunk test,” considered to be a gold standard in body fat measurement. The results will surprise and possibly infuriate you.

Also this week, the entire Defense Department is following in the Air Force’s shoes, conducting workplace sweeps for images and other items that might be degrading to woman.

Defense Secretary Hagel says the inspections are part of a broader effort to tamp down on sexual harassment in the services. Notable confiscations from the Air Force sweep included DVD sets of True Blood and Men’s Health magazine.

We also have testimony from Secretary of the Army John McHugh and Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Ray Odierno, on coming consequences of sequester cuts. Odierno warns that the Army may be forced to draw down yet more troops and close bases to keep up with the budget.

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