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Fort Irwin’s crackdown on off-duty dress is the top story this week. The dress code applies to family members, too, and a few spouses are not too happy. But while some are upset by the post’s ban on saggy pants, do-rags, sexy clothes and vulgar T-shirts, others are embracing the new policy and calling for dress codes on posts Army-wide. What do Army leaders have to say? And what about family members who have to follow the dress codes, too?

Also, an Army lieutenant colonel thinks he has the answer to fix the Army: ‘Purge the generals.’ Lt. Col. Daniel Davis argues in a recently published essay that “The Army’s generals, as a group, have lost the ability to effectively function at the high level required of those upon whom we place the responsibility for safeguarding our nation.”  Do the general officer ranks need an overhaul?

And finally, with the Army looking to cut soldiers, senior noncommissioned officers are facing quality screenings at their next promotion boards. The reinstated Qualitative Management Program will look at some senior NCOs who have derogatory information in their official personnel file to determine whether they should be forced out of the service before retirement.

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  1. I don’t think it’s a bad idea. Same as no shoes no shirt no service. I don’t see how they will re-enforce especially since half the time they don’t enforce the no PTs in the shopette. But, it’s ok to have dress codes for our schools, I think business have the same right and as the military they should try to be more presentable.

  2. Everyone needs to keep in mind that living and utilizing the facilities on post is a privilege and not a right. Also, soldiers are responsible for the actions of their dependents.

    Don’t like it, move off-post!

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