Dumb things civilians ask soldiers and a beauty pageant contestant, see our top stories in this week's Army Times


You’ve all experienced it, seen it happen or heard about it. A civilian comes up to a soldier trying to start a conversation and then asks:  “Have you ever killed anybody?” They might take it a step further and ask “What was it like?”

Inspired by a YouTube video called “S— Civilians Say to Veterans,” Army Times asked soldiers about the stupidest, strangest or outrageous questions or comments they’ve heard from civilians about their service.

Check out today’s issue of Army Times for more stupid questions and share your own stories in the comments below or by tweeting @ArmyTimes using #civilianssay.

On a more serious note, weeks on the verge of a showdown with Syria have seen pundits and politicians on television news shows speaking their minds. But what do soldiers have to say? Find out in our exclusive survey of troops in today’s issue of the Army Times.

Miss Kansas may not have won Miss America, but the tattooed Army sergeant still has a message she wants to share. See what she has to say, and pictures, in this week’s print edition.



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  1. I’m a female veteran. I don’t even like sharing that I served anymore because of the rude comments from ignorant civilians or stupid questions.

    Here’s my personal favorite:
    So you wore a uniform?

    Here’s the most frequently asked:
    So you actually shot a gun before?

    When answered, the next question usually is:
    Did you ever have to use it outside of training?

    Needless to say, I don’t date civilian men anymore, and my home-town friends are no longer because of their rude comments about the military. I’m pretty lonely back home and only communicate long distance with my military friends. I’ll never take back my decision to join, but hide the fact that I did out of self-preservation.

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