More jobs open to women in combat battalions and a 'smart' scope that can make you as deadly as a sniper; see the stories in the Army Times print edition


New job openings for junior enlisted women are putting them in battalion- and company-level roles in brigade combat teams and special ops aviation units, the latest phase of the ongoing effort to open combat-related jobs to women.  See this week’s issue for the full list of brigades and MOSs now open.

We put to the test a new precision scope and shooting system that can turn an average shooter into a competent sniper with the push of a button. Find out how experienced shooters — and an inexperienced one — fared with the new “smart” scope.

The Army’s next Medal of Honor recipient is former Capt. Will Swenson, two years after a Marine received the award for heroics in the same deadly ambush in eastern Afghanistan.  Read about why Swenson deserved the highest medal for valor, and what took so long for him to get it.


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