Miami Dolphins' new team credo looks familiar, no word yet on 'Dolphin Strong'

A T-shirt is displayed at the Miami Dolphins NFL football training camp in Davie, Fla., Wednesday, July 30, 2014. The Dolphins, rocked by a bullying scandal last season, are now wearing T-shirts bearing a credo of togetherness that was coined by the players. (AP Photo/The Miami Herald, Walter Michot)

The Miami Dolphins’ new team credo, on the back of  a T-shirt at the team’s Davie, Florida, training camp last week. (Miami Herald photo by Walter Michot via AP)

To say that the Miami Dolphins’ new team credo borrows slightly from a familiar Army ethos would be like saying the team had a bit of a locker room communication issue last year.

But as part of the organization’s recovery from bullying accusations, suspensions and an 8-8 season, players have penned what The Associated Press called “a credo of togetherness,” which was emblazoned on some of the T-shirts being worn by Dolphins after a recent practice.

As other websites have already pointed out, the credo clearly patterns itself after the Soldier’s Creed, including some passages lifted either directly (“I will never accept defeat”; “I will never quit”) or almost directly (The Army’s “I am a warrior and a member of a team” becomes an “unbeatable team,” which was, one can only assume, the motto of the 1972 Dolphins). It even starts and ends with “I am a Miami Dolphin” — derivative, sure, but a lot less controversial than the the time a player at a nearby college declared himself “a soldier.”

The team has reportedly eliminated rookie hazing this season, and has a host of other new rules instituted by head coach Joe Philbin, who is entering his third season with the Dolphins. (Philbin’s son is an Army officer who was put under the media microscope earlier this year regarding his arrest after a traffic accident.)

“I thought they did a good job,” Philbin told AP regarding the credo. “I thought they gave some consideration and some thought to it and I think it’s good. Probably ‘I’m a professional’ is one of them I like. But I think I like them all.”

Some in the Army may prefer “trusted professional,” but that’s a separate ethic.

What’s your take on the creed-inspired credo: Petty slogan theft, or the sincerest form of flattery? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Aundria Premo on

    As a lifelong Dolphins fan & wife of a 3x Iraq deployed Army veteran, I LOVE this!! And I pray it gives my team the solidarity required to finish the season Dolphin Strong 😉

  2. Hercules Wagner on

    Dolphins (and the rest of the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.)…you are NOT warriors…you are all overpaid athletes playing a child’s game! If you sincerely want to be a REAL WARRIOR, join the Army, Marines, or Navy.

  3. Hercules Wagner on

    Dolphins (and the rest of the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.)…you are NOT warriors…you are all overpaid athletes playing a child’s game! If you sincerely want to be a REAL WARRIOR, join the Army, Marines, or Navy.

  4. Steven Saxmon on

    @Hercules, Cool your tits, yes they get paid more for a less dangerous job than I do in the army but these guys train there whole life to play this game and are definitely “warriors”. How many tours downrange have you served? I see more of a competitive fighting spirit in pro athletes than I do in some soldiers I serve with. I also like how you left out the Air Force, cause there not warriors, right? Get over yourself. And go Fins!

  5. @Hercules you are an idiot. I’m sure that if you had served at all, you were a private and nothing more (no offense to privates.) you should keep your bullcrap thoughts to yourself. This is awesome, and I am glad to serve on the same team a Coach’s son. I’m glad he is spreading the motivational creed. This creed has gotten me through many deployments. If it will help Tannehill to fight to escape from that LB trying to pull him down; WE SHOULD ALL RESPECT IT.

  6. This is sad, the men who respect this and say they are proud are dumb. They are trivializing an Army creed and support its commercializing for money. Those players have no loyalties except to the money they make. The motivation and high spirits are only there because it affects how many millions they earn. They are not warriors, they are Athletes.

    GJ, supporting guys that compare a game to being at war, seriously read the article. @SWC @ Saxmon

  7. Hercules Wagner on

    @SWC and @Saxmon: Come on you two ball-lickers…talking about idiots, how do you go about judging MY military career by the comment I made about athletes? You two idiots must share the same brain cell…be careful with it, because once it’s gone, it’s gone. Anyhow, good luck pansies, here’s hoping maybe you’ll get a chance to sniff some towels out of the Dolphins locker room some day…fingers crossed for ya!

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